91. Everything is Marketing

Season #2



On this episode of The High Performance Marketing podcast we'll explore a broader definition of marketing and how it extends beyond your traditional marketing efforts.



Welcome to The High Performance Marketing Podcast, a show for business owners who want to create meaningful customer connections, using simple marketing and quality content. I’m your marketing guide, Ali Garbero. 

Many businesses find it challenging to see how their marketing efforts really help their company grow. No doubt you’ve felt this way. With so many choices to get the word out …social media, google, ads, billboards, email marketing and more.

The question you have isn’t if you want to grow your company, but how do I get my website and other marketing efforts to help me accomplish that goal? 

The fallacy many of us often fall for is that *one thing* will be the silver bullet that catapults our marketing into a new stratosphere. 

And while that can happen, don’t bet on it. Why? 

First, Marketing works best against the backdrop of a comprehensive strategy

Second, Everything in your business–not one magic thing–is marketing. 

On today’s episode of the podcast - I’ll help you explore the broad definition of marketing and how it extends beyond traditional advertising and what you might now know as marketing practices . And that’s because like I just said - everything is marketing.

Your sales process? Marketing. Your onboarding process? Marketing. 

 How you treat your clients? Marketing.  How you handle mistakes? Marketing 

Every interaction a customer has with your business is a powerful expression of your brand and a fundamental aspect of marketing. These interactions collectively create a narrative that communicates your brand values, reliability, and overall identity. Every detail, from the tone of customer service to the design of your packaging, becomes a part of the marketing story you tell. Small gestures, like a personalized email or a swift resolution to a customer inquiry, contribute significantly to building trust and loyalty. Recognizing that every touchpoint is a form of marketing empowers you to become strategic and enhance each interaction, so you ensure a positive customer experience is created even long after your initial engagement.

And if you’ve overlooked your employees as marketing - let me share a quick story. Years ago, I interviewed for a sales role with a local company who helps small businesses get more customer reviews. I made it past my first two interviews. When it came time to meet with the VP of sales the interview last at most five minutes. This gentleman walked into the room - told me who he was and literally said the following: “alright this is how this is going to go, I’m going to ask you questions and you’re going to answer them.”

“Uh ok.”

He then proceeded to ask me three or four questions, which I responded promptly. When we were finished he didn’t thank me - he just said if you have any questions you can email me at xyz email. 

It was crazy. Everything had moved so quickly, I’d passed all my other interviews with flying colors, and then after I met him, it went completely downhill. Slow responses to my questions about when I could expect to hear back - I mean literally nothing. Finally I got some standard email saying “thanks but no thanks.”

Years later, this company now pays to sponsor ads to target me - the small business owner. And do you think I would ever do business with a company like this? Because yes - even the way you treat potential employees and current ones is Marketing.

Again, everything is marketing.

Next, let’s talk about the The Customer Experience as Marketing

Let me give you two examples - a poor one first - and amazing one next.

First - Brent Brown Toyota

Second - Quick Quack

The customer experience is the heartbeat of any business, it plays a pivotal role in shaping your image and leaving a lasting impression on consumers. It goes beyond merely delivering a product or service; it encompasses every touchpoint, from the first interaction to post-purchase support. 

A positive customer experience acts as a powerful catalyst for brand advocacy. On the contrary, a subpar experience like the one I had buying my car can tarnish a business's reputation. 

When your business makes the customer experience a priority you’re signaling  that you value your customers, are committed to quality, and are willing to go the extra mile. 

In today's competitive landscape, where consumers have so many of your competitors to choose from, the way your business makes a customers feel becomes a defining factor in establishing brand identity and building enduring relationships.

And finally - Building a Consistent Brand Message

Consistency in brand messaging across all platforms is a cornerstone of successful marketing. I’ve often shared that marketing is an activity in memorization. So when you have a unified message - one your customers hear repeatedly it reinforces your values, your personality (it humanizes you) and creates a seamless experience for customers across any of the variety of marketing channels they choose to follow you on. 

It’s why franchises are so successful. Customers know exactly what they can expect if they visit a chain store in one state or another. The experience, the look and feel will be identical.

So whether it’s your company website, your social media platforms, or traditional advertising, you should be saying the same thing. Years ago the mens warehouse did this well. Their message was “you’re going to like the way you look, I guarantee it.”

When customers encounter a consistent narrative, they develop a clearer understanding of your business, what you do, and the problems you help them solve.  

Thanks for joining me today. If you’d like to create a clear marketing message that gets your customers to pay attention so they do business with you, schedule a call with me at writebrandmarketing.com I’m Ali Garbero, Copywriting is what I do, Content Marketing is what I create, more customers is what you get.