High Performance Marketing

High Performance Marketing

Hosted by: Ali Garbero

As a small business owner, solopreneur, or entrepreneur, you want to level up your marketing game, make your brand magnetic, and attract customers. On The High-Performance Marketing, host Ali Garbero shares strategies...


Clarify The Marketing Your Business Needs To Succeed

Season #1 Episode #59

Marketing is fuzzy. As a business owner you know you need it to help with sales but how do you avoid paying for services that don't help you reach your goals? On today's episode of The High Performance Marketing...
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Leave Boring Marketing in the Dust

Season #1 Episode #58

I get it; copying what your competitors do with their marketing is tempting, especially if they're experiencing massive success doing so. But what if you could use marketing ideas that make you more exciting, so you...
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Rebrand and Communicate an Improved Marketing Message: Elevate Home Warranty Becomes Elevate HomeScriptions

Season #1 Episode #57

Elevate Home Warranty had a challenge: how could they revamp their well-known brand with an improved marketing message? The answer was found in rebranding to become what is now known as Elevate HomeScriptions....
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Control Your Marketing and Avoid Weak Lead Generation Tactics

Season #1 Episode #56

On today's episode of the High Performance Marketing Podcast, I'm sharing ways you can take charge of your marketing and build a powerfully consistent real estate business. If you're tired of paying for costly...
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Get The Help You Need To Avoid Wasted Time and Money with a Virtual Assistant

Season #1 Episode #55

As a real estate agent, you know the most important commodity you have is time, and when it comes to selling more homes and closing more deals, there's no room for wasting it - (or your limited energy.)  If you've...
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How To Email Your Database Without Being Annoying

Season #1 Episode #54

Writing emails to your database can be a tricky balance between staying professional and connecting on a personal level. Emails that provide something your database will find valuable and relevant will help you avoid...
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Using Failure To Humanize Your Brand Voice

Season #1 Episode #53

Running a real estate business is about building meaningful connections with others. Establishing a relatable brand voice can help you create lasting relationships with potential home buyers and sellers. Being open...
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Don't Let The Media Control What Your Clients Know

Season #1 Episode #52

As a real estate agent, it is your job to ensure that the clients who trust you get the most accurate information possible about what's happening in the real estate market. Unfortunately, this can be challenging when...
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Stop Building Your Brokers Brand

Season #1 Episode #51

It's time to rethink the approach of building your brand around your brokers. You might miss out on developing your unique voice while dedicating resources to growing someone else's brand, which can cost you later in...
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Will ChatGPT Help Real Estate Agents?

Season #1 Episode #50

Nobody wants to be "that guy." The one who said I don't need technology. However, running a real estate business also comes with a swarm of bright and flashy options promising to help you attract more clients. Is...
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Be Better With Powerful Branding

Season #1 Episode #49

A successful real estate brand stands out from the crowd and tells potential home buyers and sellers what you're all about. Developing a distinct, recognizable brand will enhance your online presence, boost customer...
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Get Clear About What Matters Most

Season #1 Episode #48

Running a real estate business is a game of juggling lots of different things all at once. Everything feels like a priority and when your focus is scattered, you find yourself playing it safe instead of taking risks,...
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